Colorectal cancer book

colorectal cancer book

Locul publicării: Cham, Switzerland Cuprins General introduction of timely diagnosis of cancer. Written by experts in the field, the book meets the needs of its intended audience.

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This well-organized book covers the diagnosis of colorectal cancer, from early recognition to the use of algorithmic analysis with different clinical and laboratory tests used to diagnose the disease. Consultant colorectal colorectal cancer book Clinical conductor of project involvning ctDNA in colorectal cancer. Textul de pe ultima copertă This book summarizes current knowledge and outlines directions for the future on how to improve the art of diagnosing colorectal cancer with emphasis on timeliness, one of the most vital issues in cancer management.

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Using a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approach, it provides an overview of decisive factors in timely diagnosis of colorectal cancer from symptom scores and symptom awareness to technical aspects.

The book starts by discussing early diagnosis from the perspective of patients, including the importance of awareness in the general population as well as psychological aspects. It then goes on to discuss issues of importance to clinicians, such as fast tracking, laboratory testing, improving technical skills and optimizing endoscopy services.

Colorectal Cancer - Overview

In addition, more practical issues such as cost-effectiveness and auditing are also extensively discussed. By focusing on one specific but common form of cancer the content translates colorectal cancer book across the scope of other cancer types and can colorectal cancer book used by professionals working on different cancer types.

This book provides clinicians, clinical researchers and policymakers with a comprehensive overview colorectal cancer book the field of timeliness in diagnosing colorectal cancer. By addressing the challenges posed in the management of symptomatic patients it informs and educates the experts and could help improve diagnosis.

Caracteristici Provides a clear up-to-date account of the current practices in colorectal cancer diagnosis Reviews both the practical and psychological aspects of colorectal cancer diagnosis Provides an excellent example of how many aspects of the chain-of-care need to be considered to achieve an overall improvement in cancer diagnosis.

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