Photo Biennial of Szeklerland

  • The 3rd Photo Biennial of Szeklerland – 2017

The Councils of Harghita, Covasna and Mures Counties, the Cultural Center of Covasna County and the Cultural Center of Harghita County announce The 3rd Photo Biennial of Szeklerland under the auspices of the Romanian Art Photographers Association (AAFR) and the World Association of Hungarian Art Photographers.


The organizers of The 3rd Photo Biennial of Szeklerland announce the following categories:  


A: Open / Free

Maximum 3 photos can be submitted in the A category. All modifications are allowed.


B: Movement (photo series)

In the B category photo series can be sumbitted (minimum 2, maximum 5 photos). The photos must express the dynamics, energy and impetus of movement. The jury reserves the right of picking two or more photos from each series. A short description of where the photos were taken and what do they show must be attached. In this category the following modifications are allowed: crop, corrections of the exposition, changes of the white ballance. Any other modification leads to exclusion.


C: Bread

In category C, 1 to 3 photos can be submitted. The photos must respond to the given topic (symbols, the process from corn to bread, the idea of our daily bread, the notion of bread/basic food at different nations, etc.) The jury reserves the right to select one or two photos. In this category the following modifications are allowed: crop, corrections of the exposition, changes of the white ballance. Any other modification leads to exclusion.


Condition of participation:

  • The call for application is open for anybody, regardless of age and occupation, except the organizers and the members of the jury. There is no registration fee.
  • The applicants can submit artworks that did not participate at the previous editions of the Photo Biennial of Szeklerland. One photo can be submitted to only one category.
  • The photos submitted for the application must be uploaded on the website as digital or digitalized photos in jpg format. The longer size of the photos must be minimum 3000 pixels / 300 dpi. Only SRGB colour gamut is allowed. The file size of one photo may not exceed 10 Mb. English titles of the photos are compulsory.
  • Photos should be named: A1(the letter of the category, the number of the photo if there are more)_Photo title_Name of Photografer.
  • The jury reserves the right to ask for the original photos.
  • A catalogue will be realised from the selected artworks, and each author of the selected photos will get a copy. Besides the presentation copy, further catalogues can be ordered on the website, at the price of  € 15.
  • The applicant must dispose of full copyright and privacy right regarding the submitted competition work. The organizers do not assume resposibility in legal disputes arising from the lack of these rights.
  • The decision of the jury is final and cannot be disputed. When announcing the results, every applicant will receive their personal scoring given by the jury.  For the sake of proper promotion of the exhibition the organizers can use the photos freely, without paying rolyalties but indicating the name of the author.
  • By submitting the photos the authors accept the application terms and conditions.


The competition works that do not correspond to any of the conditions above will be excluded from the competition.


The organizers assume the enlargement costs of the photos selected for the exhibition. The exhibition will be opened at the Transylvanian Art Center, Sfântu Gheorghe, on the 14 of October 2017.

Application calendar:

Deadline of receiving the photos: 20 of September 2017.
Evaluation of the jury: 23-24 September 2017.
Nominating the works selected for the exhibition via e-mail: 25 September 2017.
Exhibition opening and awarding ceremony: 14 October 2017.
Sending the catalogues: at the latest March 2018.



By categories:

  • 1st Prize ‒ €660
  • 2nd Prize ‒ €440
  • 3rd Prize ‒ €220


Members of the jury:

President of the jury:
Ádám Gyula – Romania / Miercurea Ciuc



János Eifert AFIAP - EFIAP - Hungary
Eugen Negrea AFIAP - President of the Association of Photographer Artists of Romania (AAFR)– Romania / Bucharest

Louis Guermond - France
László Ede Tordai AFIAP – Romania Târgu Mureș


Spare jury:
László Dezső EFIAP/b – Romania / Ghorgheni


Secretariat and further information
Simon Réka – Romania / Sfântu Gheorghe
Tel: +40-0267-351648
E-mail: office [AT] fotobiennale [DOT] ro





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