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Advances in Nutrition United Statesp. European Journal of Clinical Investigation, p.

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Immunology Letters, p. Aurelian Udristioiu¹, Radu G. History: a 70 year old engineer, following 8 years vegetable — dietary, was admitted to the county hospital, in neurology department, with diagnostic of poli-radiculonevrites, received in ward the treatment with milgama containing micro-gram multivitamin.

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After a lipotimia status the patient was transferred to neuroendocrine cancer day 2020 department. Macrocytes and ovalocytes where also presented. Biopsy results from gastric mucosa showed lesions of chronic gastritis, non-atrophic epithelium. Conclusions: Megaloblastosis appears neuroendocrine cancer day 2020 some time with vitamin B12 deficiently in bone morrow but no in peripheral blood because of administration of multivitamin drugs, deleting haematological shape of megaloblastic anemia.

Keywords: Wait blood cells, Erythrocyte sedimentation ratio, haptocorin, transcobalamin. The Human papillomavirus hpv immunisation author of this manuscript is Aurelian Udristioiu¹Department of Hematology, Emergency County Hospital Târgu Jiu, Clinical Laboratory, Gorj, and contribution of the authors as mentioned below with their responsibility in the research. Radu G. Publisher: Aurelian Udristioiu.

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Reviewers' field: No. The aim of this work was to illustrate, by one difficult case patient, neuroendocrine cancer day 2020 in hospital, the diagnosis of B12 vitamin deficiency, intrigued with iron deficiency, because of multivitamin drugs, used as an individual treatment of patient, without a previous medical consult.

History: A 70 year old engineer, since 8 years vegetable — diet, was admitted to the county hospital in month august 20 —because of weakness, 10 kilo in last two months], dizziness, exertional dyspneea, ataxia and neuroendocrine cancer day 2020 of the hands, with lung disease in evolution. Psychiatric symptoms such as memory disturbance, depression and cognitive decline have been also reported.

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After outcome from hospital, at home, the patient presented lipotimia status, confusion and was admitted in cardiology department. Hematologic analyser showed neutrophilia, lymphopenia and the microscopy exam on peripheral blood smears showed the dimorphic picture and pancytopenia.

neuroendocrine cancer day 2020

At examination of bone morrow occurred increased erythropoiesis which was megaloblastic in character, giant band forms, large metamilocytes. Biopsy results from gastric mucosa showed lesions of chronic gastritis, non-atrophic.

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Another para-clinical examinations [abdominal echografic, barium-rx exam], have been normally. Diagnosis: anemia by cobalamin deficiency and iron deficiency The patient followed therapeutic sample [with B12 vitamin, gamma, im.

The blood smear shows anisocytosis: normocytosis with ease macrocytosis. Efficiency of treatment in periodically will be monitored and by performing of metilmalonic acid test heparnied plasma and homocystein level EDTA plasma.

Comment: In first time the neurogical manifestation neuroendocrine cancer day 2020 to patients in absence of blood picture in peripheral blood of typical megaloblastic anemia.

To the patient with vegetable diet anemia by B12 vitamin is accompanied of neurological syndrome with frequently iron deficiency, specialty to elder men. This case illustrates many interesting points that are considered atypical of deficiency in B12 vitamin.

Adv Exp Med Biol ; Cells residing in the tumour microenvironment gain specific phenotypes and specific functions that are pro-tumorigenic. Tumour progression is in fact a combination between tumour cell characteristics and its interplay with tumour microenvironment. This dynamic network will allow tumour cells to grow, migrate and invade tissues. In the present chapter, we are highlighting some traits that characterise tumour microenvironment in basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and cutaneous melanoma.

In first time, the neurological manifestations occurred to this patient in the absence of anemia. When a patient with anemia by B12 vitamin deficiency has the neurological features of disease without the characteristic hematologic abnormalities, the diagnosis is difficult.

On such circumstance, the patient has received B12 vitamin and folic acid in an amount that is sufficient to convert the megaloblastic anemia type of erythropoiesis to the normoblastic type in peripheral blood and raise the erythrocyte count. The anemia was normocytic and not associated with leucopenia, thrombocytemia in peripheral blood.

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The diagnosis of deficiency B12 vitamin was established by the response to specific therapy. When and iron deficiency is severe the anemia is hypochromic and microcytic neuroendocrine cancer day 2020 in milder degrees of iron deficiency the anemia is normocytic.

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A combined deficiency of iron B12 vitamin might result in a normocytic anemia that required both iron and vitamin B12 in treatment [1]. Impaired absorption of vitamin B12 occurs and in other conditions different of diet deficiencies associated with diarrhea or other evidence of the mal-absorption syndrome.