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Subungual benign squamous papilloma

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Gastrointestinal stromal tumors: review on morphology, diagnosis and management Emoke Fulop, Simona Marcu, Doina Milutin, Angela Borda Gastrointestinal stromal tumors GISTs are the most frequent mesenchymal tumors of the gastrointestinal tract.

Major advances in their definition and classification and the understanding of their molecular mechanisms have recently been made. These advances have become a model subungual benign squamous papilloma targeted therapy in oncology.

The differential diagnosis of GISTs includes the other mesenchymal tumors of the gastrointestinal tract, such as leiomyomas, leiomyosarcomas, schwannomas and intra-abdominal fibromatosis.

The evaluation of the prognosis is essential and is based on a simple algorithm using two histoprognostic parameters, tumor size and mitotic index. Subungual benign squamous papilloma treatment of localized GISTs is surgical resection and that of advanced or unresecable GISTs is based on the use of targeted therapy, imatinib, which is a pharmacological antagonist of the c-kit protein. Proper understanding and utilization of the diagnostic criteria and classification of GISTs by pathologists are essential for good patient management.

Histopathological changes in acute ischemic stroke Otilia Margaritescu, L. Mogoanta, Ionica Pirici, D.

Subungual benign squamous papilloma

Pirici, Daniela Cernea, Cl. Margaritescu We study here the histopathological changes in twenty-two cases of acute ischemic stroke.

Amongst these, vulvar melanoma is the most common. The aim of this article is to present a collection of data stated in literature about genital malignant melanoma since the interest in this disease has significantly increased, although, until now, there subungual benign squamous papilloma been few studies made about it. It is known that melanomas arising from urogenital mucosa have many diferrences from cutaneous melanomas, including higher aggressiveness, worse prognosis and, not at least, different molecular abnormalities, such as c-KIT mutations, that modify the therapeutic management. Most of the data regarding treatment are assumed from cutaneous malignant melanoma, but recent studies show that care should be taken when applying the same conduct. Even more, the prognosis and treatment are guided by the depth of tumor rather than the lesion diameter, which means that FIGO staging used for squamos cell carcinoma has no use for this type of genital neoplasm.

The average age of the patients subungual benign squamous papilloma year-old, and the interval from the onset of the disease to the death varied from 6 hours to 15 years. The brain lesions after acute stroke were observed in all regions. Their evolution allowed us to classify them in fourth stages. In the third phase 26 days years after the onsetwe included six cases characterized by the absence of an inflammatory reaction, presence of cavitation, astrogliosis and macrophages.

Our study describes the heterogeneity of brain injury after acute ischemic stroke with the participation of all brain components, and the chronology in which these lesions develop and evolve.

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Analysis of the immunohistochemical expression of mammaglobin A in primary breast carcinoma and lymph node metastasis M.

Few data are available about the immunohistochemical expression of this marker in mammary carcinoma and about the significance of the positive reaction. Our purpose was to investigate the sensitivity of the mammaglobin expression in breast cancer and to determine its correlations with conventional prognostic parameters.

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There were investigated 47 patients with breast carcinoma, and slides from paraffin blocks were stained with an antibody against mammaglobin. The immunohistochemical reaction was scored based on the percentage of positive tumor cells in both primary subungual benign squamous papilloma and lymph node metastasis. Positive reaction for mammaglobin was found in the normal mammary tissue adjacent to the tumor in all cases, in A significant correlation was found between the mammaglobin expression in the subungual benign squamous papilloma tumor, grade, and lymph node status, but not with the age of the patient, pathologic subtype of carcinoma and stage of the tumor.

The ductal in situ carcinoma associated to the invasive tumor did not influence significantly the prognostic value of mammaglobin expression. Out results suggest that mammaglobin is a sensitive marker of breast carcinoma, it defines a subgroup of patients with better prognosis and is a useful method to detect breast cancer metastases.

Effects of 60Co gamma-rays on human osteoprogenitor cells C. Tomuleasa, V.

Genital localization of malignant melanoma

Postescu, Gabriela Chereches, Otilia Barbos, Corina Tatomir Background: Radiation therapy is one of the most efficient treatments of neoplastic diseases used worldwide. However, patients who undergo radiotherapy may develop side effects that can be life threatening because tissue complications caused by radiation-induced stem cell depletion may result in structural and functional alterations of the surrounding matrix.

This treatment also damages the osteogenic activity of human bone marrow by suppressing osteoblasts, leading to post-irradiation sequelae. Even if widely used in oncology, there is still little information on the fate and potential therapeutic efficacy of electromagnetic rays.

Material and Methods: We addressed this question using both human mesenchymal stem cells and osteoblasts. The technique of anti-alkaline phosphatase Subungual benign squamous papilloma demonstrated the presence of this specific ectoenzyme.

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The viability of irradiated cells was assessed using Trypan Blue staining. The comparison between cell lineages after culture in osteogenic media regarding phenotypical characterization and the intensity of the mineralization process included histology stainings Alizarin Red S, Alcian Blue and von Kossaand the MTT-based proliferation assay. Results: After irradiation, the proliferation and differentiation of osteoprogenitor cells is dose-dependent.

Conclusions: This study is one among the first papers investigating the biophysics of low-dose gamma-irradiation on stem cell culture, focusing on the human papillomavirus infection poster applications in radiation oncology and various palliative treatments.

Corresponding author: Olga Soritau, MD, e-mail: osoritau hotmail.

Localizări genitale ale melanomului malign

Ceausu, Cristina Tanase, Ruxandra Stanculescu, Teodora Vladescu, Zenaida Ceausu Carcinoma of the uterine cervix is the most frequent malignancy in women, with an incidence of approximately Twenty-six archived formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded samples of squamous cell carcinoma, selected from 30 Papanicolaou-positive smears, have been analyzed using standard HE stain and the IHC indirect tristadial ABC peroxidase method for four antibodies: p53, p63, Ki, HPV.

Statistical analysis has been done using the Student t-test, one-group two tails, "paired two samples for mean" variant. Two thirds of the cases were medium and poor differentiated carcinomas.

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The expression pattern of the proliferation and prognostic factors was biologically correlated with the histopathological type and HPV-infection. Immunohistochemical and transmission electron microscopy study regarding myofibroblasts in fibroinflammatory epulis and giant cell peripheral granuloma Ana Maria Filioreanu, Eugenia Popescu, C. Cotrutz, Carmen Elena Cotrutz Fibroblasts represent the main cellular population in the connective tissue; they subungual benign squamous papilloma a central role in extracellular matrix ECM synthesis, degradation and remodeling.

These cells may express a substantial heterogeneity regarding their morphology and functions in pathological conditions and during tissue remodeling. Myofibroblasts are a good example for heterogeneity and phenotypical changes.

subungual benign squamous papilloma

These cells can be morphologically and immunologically defined by the expression of specific cytoskeleton proteins. Myofibroblasts show cytoplasmic actin microfilaments organized as stress fibers and interconnected by gap or adherens junctions.

These cells come also in contact with extracellular matrix by focal contacts. Myofibroblasts subungual benign squamous papilloma fundamental roles in pathologic conditions, even by activation and proliferation or by deletion. Moreover, these cells seem to be involved in formation and repair of the ECM compounds, proliferation and differentiation of the epithelial, vascular or neurogenic elements.

The purpose subungual benign squamous papilloma the present study is to emphasize the presence and distribution of myofibroblasts in the reactive stromal tissue of granulation tumors in the oral area, fibroinflammatory epulis and giant cells peripheral granuloma, by means of immunocytochemical and transmission electron microscopy studies.

Both tumor types shown a common characteristic of the presence of reactive inflammatory stromal tissue and myofibroblasts are a common issue.

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Goldis, C. Vernic Purpose: The purpose of this study was to identify the clinicopathological factors that influence the prognosis of patients having undergone surgery for gastric cancer. Material and Methods: From the total number of patients men and 79 women diagnosed with gastric cancer in the period61 operated patients were selected. On this group, subungual benign squamous papilloma performed a prospective ciuperci magice regarding the evolution and aggressiveness of gastric cancer, on a duration of 5 years.

Subungual benign squamous papilloma time was calculated from the month of the surgical intervention until the month of death or confirmation of survival, and survival rate was represented by the percentage of survivals at the end of the observed interval schistosomiasis philippines 2020 years and months. According to the maximum level of tumor invasion we identified: pTis - one case 1.

We identified 43 gastric carcinomas with metastases in regional lymph nodes According to the number of lymph nodes involved: pN0 - 18 cases From the total of carcinomas, stage IV consisted of the greatest number of tumors, representing We generally remarked the increase of the number of cases in advanced stages. Conclusions: In the studied group, we noted a great number of gastric carcinomas diagnosed in stages T3 and T4 Cardial tumor locations and gastric stump locations, as well as "signet-ring" cell and undifferentiated carcinomas prove to be aggressive, being diagnosed in advanced stages.

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We noted a significant correlation between the degree of tumor differentiation and the level of invasion, as well as the presence of distance and lymph node metastases. Survival at 5 years of patients included in the study was correlated significantly with the level of tumor invasion, the presence of lymph node and distance metastases, and the TNM stage. Fractal analysis of astrocytes in stroke and dementia D. Pirici, L.

Papilloma tongue pathology outlines.

Subjective differences can be described between these pathologies in what it concerns astrocyte implication, subungual benign squamous papilloma benign squamous papilloma these have not been yet subjected to a morphometrical quantification. Here we apply a fractal dimension FD analysis algorithm to differentiate both between fibrous, protoplasmatic and activated astroglia; but also between the three pathological conditions studied.

Analyzing more than astroglia, we show here first that FD can clearly differentiate between the three morphological subtypes. Second, we describe resemblances of the FD values for ischemic and hemorrhagic lesions, and significant differences when these are compared to AD patients.

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These results are further discussed and integrated in what it regards the preferential regions proved to be affected in these conditions, and which parallels our results. This work subungual benign squamous papilloma that fractal dimension analysis of astroglia is a useful method for quantitatively describing gliosis in different pathologies, and that it may offer more insight into the pathogenesis of brain diseases.

Alveolar bone dehiscences and fenestrations: an anatomical study and review Vanda Roxana Nimigean, V.